Good day! Once again I’m back in the mix and doing a bit of blogging.  I sat here and I thought ‘what to write about’?! I must make the most of Bodhi being at Grandma and Grandad’s, I have many weddings which I definitely want to blog but I thought I would start by writing a bit about the 3 other guys I work with, Mike, Steve & Joe – The Midnight Cats.

In April I will have been with the band for 8 whole years, seriously that has flown by. I can honestly say it has been the best 8 years. As a band we genuinely like one another and get along really well. Laughter is second nature to ‘The Cats’ and a lot of people comment on how well we get on and the connection we all have when playing together. I guess we are pretty lucky, you do hear horror stories of other bands and how they clash on everything. No, I am definitely grateful to these 3 lovely, funny, awkward, inappropriate people!

Lets say a bit about each of these unique boys!

We will start with Joe, amazing bass player and our ladies man! Man can he play that bass, I stop to watch him sometimes and I am in awe, his hand is like a blur! He is also our tech guy, he is in charge of our lovely website and is always making sure it is in tip top condition.

Moving on to Mike, our drummer, I am not too sure how his cymbals are still in one piece. He is in complete control of the timing and you will always hear him shout us back into the chorus with a ‘ohhh’! Mike is most probably the person you will speak to when booking the band. He is in complete charge of the diary, if we are going anywhere or doing anything Mike needs to know!

Then there is the brilliant Steve. He wears his leopard print hat and the ladies go wild!! Steve is fantastic at working an audience and he is brilliant at collaborating different songs together which is one the reasons why The Midnight Cats stand out so much.

So that’s it, the boys, I guess you could say ‘my boys’ but not in that sense!! They need some kind of recognition for putting up with a red head from Manchester!
Every gig is a pleasure and a right hearty laugh. If you or anyone you know are looking for a wedding or party band then you can get in touch via my website or head straight to The Midnight Cats. You will not regret it I promise!

Have a look at a few of these pictures taken by the incredibly talented Kyle Hassall Photography to see how we create an awesome atmosphere, where yourselves and your guests have the best night ever!

Have an awesome day and remember, be kind to others.

Kirsty xx

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