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Corona virus, it’s mega, it’s turned a lot of our lives upside down. Does anyone else feel like the world has gone a bit crazy? As a wedding singer I’m beginning to see it make an impact on my life. I’m washing my hands while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to myself (I’m sure Bodhi thinks I’ve lost the plot), hand sanitiser is like gold dust and toilet roll, pasta, tomato puree and so much more all out of stock. I’m actually dreading doing my weekly shop on Monday, I’m thinking that I’m going to have to be there as soon as the doors open at 8am. I’ll aim for the toilet roll first but be mindful not to take too much as I don’t want people to think I’m hoarding!! Hoarding is something that I definitely don’t do, it’s selfish and not needed at all. Hoarders take a long, hard look at yourself!

Last Thursday was the first time that the corona virus seriously affected me without me actually becoming infected. This weekend I was meant to be out gigging Thursday night, Friday night & Saturday night. On Thursday I received a phone call via an agency I work for (who unluckily for me had provided all of my gigs that weekend) saying that as a precaution they were cancelling all gigs for at least 7 days. You can imagine my reaction, it wasn’t good, I was devastated to be losing a full weekend of gigs. I managed to finish the phone call and instantly felt my my heart rate increase and panic set in. How was I going to pay my mortgage, how many other gigs would I lose, what was I going to do?? 10 million questions, no answers and zero light at the end of the tunnel. I had itchy skin and couldn’t sit still, I had to get out. So out I went, head phones on and I power walked like a mad woman.

We are on Saturday now and I have to say that I am feeling considerably better. I’ve had a word with myself, calmed myself down and once I felt grounded I looked at the bigger picture. I realised that this whole situation is completely out of my hands, at this moment in time what will be, will be. Once I came to this realisation it was a massive release. I knew that this hadn’t happened because of something I had done, I just had to keep doing what I’m doing.
Myself and my family have so far luckily not caught anything and I really hope that this stays the same but I’m still worried. I worry about our wonderful, elderly neighbours and I’m scared to go and see them in case I am indeed carrying the virus without any knowledge. All I can do is text them and let them know we are here if they need anything.  It is such an unsure time.

A bit different but another thing that has come to my attention is how important wedding insurance is, obviously you would need to check your terms and conditions but if your wedding needs to be cancelled wedding insurance could literally save your ass! Obviously I’m hoping that none of you go through this scenario but it is worth thinking about. We just don’t know what is around the corner.
All of my bride & grooms need to know that I have absolutely no intention of getting the virus and missing your wedding. I will be there, ready and raring to go!

The main thing that this whole situation has made me think of is the ripple effect of the corona virus. Because of people being ill/self-isolating or scared to go out venues are quiet, because they are quiet venues are cutting back on expenses like musicians, musicians lose work so they cut back on personal things in their lives. In my case we had an architect coming this week to draw plans for our extension, we have been in touch to postpone this happening as things are so uncertain and that money may be needed else where. So someone else has also lost work at this moment in time, how and if this will affect him I don’t know but its funny and eye opening to see the ripple effect of one situation. So many people will be effected and struggling so please be mindful of how you go through your day to day life. Don’t be rude and respect others opinions of the situation even if it isn’t in line with your thoughts and opinions.

I have to say that my boy Bodhi has massively helped me see all of the wonderful things I have in my life and to make sure I am grateful for the little things we have.
I really hope that my singing lessons and gigs don’t change and I will be able to sleep a little easier at night. We have no answers but I really hope that this whole situation is cleared up soon and we find the natural balance of life again. Until then try not to panic as that won’t do your blood pressure any good, look after one another, wash your hands regularly and as I’ve said before, be kind.

Kirsty x

Kirsty kissing her son Bodhiwash your hands sign